Using Stampin’ Blends

I know you’ve heard lots about using Stampin’ Blends by now but…….have you tried them out yet?  There are many benefits of the Stampin’ Blends.  Here are two:

  • They come in Stampin’ Up!’s exclusive colors which means they match our card stock, inks and accessories.
  • Each color has two markers, a light shade and a darker shade which allows for easy blending.

Each marker has two tips:  a brush tip and a fine tip.  Use the brush tip for larger areas and the finer tip for the details. The brush tip is marked on the case with a wider line and the finer tip with a thinner line.

Using Stampin' Blends

Because Stampin’ Blends are alcohol based, protect your work service with a sheet of grid paper.

The lids have a press fit seal which prevents evaporation.  It also means they can be a tad hard to get off sometimes (until you get used to that snug fit).  And……be sure to hear the click when closing them — that ensures a complete closure.

Be sure to close the pen right after using it to prevent it from drying out.

Storage:  horizontal.  I store mine in a Full Wide Stamp Case, with a label on the front, laid down on a shelf.

Using Stampin' Blends


And then I store my Blends cases in a little open space that’s created by some drawers I got from a closed H***mark store.  They’re right behind where I sit, next to my card stock.  For me this storage method is perfect.

using stampin' blends


Back to the Stampin’ Blends lids:  they’re nestable which means you can place the lid you’re using onto the one on the other end of the Blends pen and it’ll be right where you can find it when you’re done with it.

And one more feature……..they are square shaped so………..benefit………they won’t roll off your table when you’re working with them!

The Stampin’ Blends can be purchased individually ($4.50 each) or as a color combo ($9.00).  You can find most of the available colors on pages 204-205 of the Annual Catalog and then a few more recently released colors are shown throughout the pages of the 2018 Holiday Catalog (pgs. 43 and 49).

I think they’re rather addictive and they’re oh-so-smooth-and-easy to use.

Check out this video by my friend Carrie from Stampin’ Up! for the ‘how to’ of successfully using your Stampin’ Blends.  Believe me…….you try them and you’ll like them.

Now, what colors will be your first choices for incorporating into your stamping tools?  You can find them all right here in my Stampin’ Up! online store.  Using Stampin’ Blends will be one of the easiest things you’ve ever done.  Need help with ordering or using your Stampin’ Blends???  Call me!  Or email me.  Both are shown in the banner above.


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