I might have shared this tip with you already but I think it's an important one to remind you about.  Stampin' Up!'s new style firm foam pads are different that the linen ones when it comes to reinking.

When you just can't seem to get a good stamped image without looking all over your pad for enough ink to cover your stamp, it's time to pull out your ink refill.  I always recommend to a stamper to purchase a reinker along with a stamp pad.  It's just good practice.

Squirt ink around the edges of your pad as well as with zig-zag lines vertically and horizontally in the middle of the pad.

Zig zag in refill on pad

Then, using a flat applicator of some type—like a credit card, gift card, old décor elements applicator, Tupperware scraper—gently drag it over the ink, pulling it left and right, until it disappears and works its way in to the pad. 

Spread with cc or applicator

Your stamping will be so much easier and more satisfactory in just a matter of minutes.  You'll find that you do need to reink the firm foam pads a bit more frequently than the linen ones.

Have a great Tuesday!  And if you need to stock up on ink refills, aka reinkers, just hop on over to my stampin' store right here or via the shopping cart in the upper right corner.  You'll be glad you did!



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