My Sudden Absence and Have You Changed Your Clock???

While I was tidying up as well as making a sympathy card last Wednesday morning I made the decision to go to Columbus Ohio to be present for the funeral of my amazing cousin-in-law, Bob Tucker.  That led to a red-eye flight to Columbus Ohio and very little sleep for the next few days.  My card parts are awaiting my return to business on Monday morning.  Bob’s wife Lynn and I are very close and I just couldn’t not be there to offer my support.  (I also fly stand-by so that part was fairly painless and easy.)

I was an attendant in the Tucker wedding in 1966.  Two-thirds of the wedding party were at the funeral.

Wedding party 1966-2017Wedding party 1966-2017, my partner Jim, moi, Lynn (bride), Dwayne, Sue (Bob’s younger sister)


If you’re an Ohio State football  fan, Masillon High School, Wichita State, Iowa State, College of Wooster, Wooster High School, Youngstown State and once again The Ohio State, you will know Coach Tuck.  I was never aware of just how amazing he was and how much he touched and the so many lives he helped to mold with his wise counsel.

Bob Tucker, man who changed the lives of many.
Bob Tucker, the man who changed the lives of so many.


Bob's Creed
Bob’s Creed and what he stressed to his ‘boys’–who are now proud and contributing adults with families of their own.


He was also a huge patriot and saw to it, in his final career position, that wounded warriors were able to visit to locker rooms and go to OSU games and mingle with the players and coaches.  That meant a lot to our service personnel as well as their families.  Bob Tucker was an amazing, quiet, humble man.

Carmel, CA, October 2016, during their 50th wedding anniversary tour of 'places and people'
Carmel, CA, October 2016, during their 50th wedding anniversary tour of ‘places and people’.


Cheers to you coach Tuck
Cheers to you Coach, Husband, Cousin Tuck


I’m glad I went.  I’m sad for the reason I had to go.  And I’m looking forward to sharing some stamping with you tomorrow!

I hope you’ve remembered to push your clock forward!





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