Stampin’ Up!’s New Catalog is Alive

It seems as if it’s been f.o.r.e.v.e.r. that this day has been approaching and has finally arrived.  Stampin’ Up!’s New Catalog is alive and ready to share.  You’re going to love it!

In case you don’t yet have a hard copy, you can click on the image below to see a PDF of the full catalog.

Stampin' Up!'s New Catalog is Alive
Click on the catalog to download a PDF.


Here’s what’s been going on in my Stampin’ Studio as I prepare for the changeover to the new catalog.  Bear in mind, this is first year in about five years that there’s been such a change in Core Color and Color Families.  Hence, I removed all of my current stamp pads and actually cleaned (under hot running water!) my color carousel where my stamp pads live.  What a job!

Stampin' Up!'s New Catalog is Alive
The pads and ink refills are sitting on my messy work table awaiting replacement in the color caddy.


Stampin' Up!'s New Catalog is Alive
Each layer of the carousel has been individually washed and dried and then reassembled. Boring but so well worth it. That task hasn’t been done since the carousel first came into my home a bunch of years ago.


When replacing the stamp pads in their new groupings of colors, not only have colors been retired and replaced with new colors, but I now have (and you will too most likely) old style stamp pads and new style pads.  It works.  Although the new style pads don’t fit quite a securely as the old style pads.  But then….the carousel was designed for the old style pads!  I know Stampin’ Up! will be coming out with something new and efficient by-n-by.

Stampin' Up!'s New Catalog is Alive
My Color Caddy is all refilled and ready to go. There are ten color in each ‘family’ and then in the remaining slots I’ve placed the two In Color groups and the VersaMark, Memento Black and StazOn pads as well as the Basic Black, Very Vanilla and Whisper White pads. It involved more of a ‘dance’ in placing the latter pads this time ’round.


Stampin' Up!'s New Catalog is Alive
My next BIG decision is whether to place each family’s stamp pads alphabetically as I have in the past, or the way they are shown in the catalog with seems to be chromatically. The Subtles here are alphabetically positioned, followed by the “odd” VersaMark, Memento and StazOn pads and one lonely 2017-2019 In Color pad.


Stampin' Up!'s New Catalog is Alive
For now at least, I’ve arranged the Brights Family chromatically, in the order shown in the catalog (page 185). I like the way it looks but…..for ease in putting them away, anyone can understand alphabetical but not everyone will know how they’re arranged in the catalog!


Once I decide what order I want my pads to be in, I’ll probably figure out a way to do what I’ve done in the past.  That is to put a code for the order they go in the column, such as B1, B2, B3…….etc. That way a person who’s in my room stamping, either in a class or for fun, can know either where to find a pad or where to return a pad.  I know.  I’m fussy.  But everything remains nice and orderly this way.

Now that Stampin’ Up!’s New Catalog is alive, how will you be storing your stamp pads and ink refills?  Send me a photo and I’ll post it here showing the various options available.  Does anyone have the lovely wood Stamp and Store set up?  I don’t have a place to put something that large in the strange configuration of my room.  For me, the small footprint of the Color Caddy (yes it’s now retired) is perfect.  Don’t forget to leave a comment about how you store your pads and share that photo.  Happy stamping with the new catalog.

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