Part of tidying up my stamping area is actually completing some kits that I’ve purchased.  What a concept!  And part of my inspiration is participation in a craft fair on June 6th in Twain Harte, CA.  I’ll be a part of the 2nd Annual Royal Flush Crapper Derby!  Can you imagine relay races where the participants are hand pushed super duper outhouses? Here’s a little enlightenment from last year’s derby.

A few days ago I did actually get two kits put together

  • Hooray It’s Your Day Simply Created Kit
  • Seriously Amazing Paper Pumper Kit

For me it’s almost always a bit difficult to ‘get going’ with a kit, checking the how-to photos, setting all the pieces out and then actually making the first move.  The Hooray It’s Your Day Kit had two spritzing containers and of course I’d never used one!  Oh my……fun, fun, fun!  10 drops of an ink refill are called for, along with either water or rubbing alcohol (faster drying due to evaporation).  I opted for the alcohol.  And my recommendation for you:  use more than 10 drops and then you’ll get a more intense color without spritzing so much liquid.  Whether you use water or alcohol, the paper gets wet and warps a bit.  As my card fronts (so cute when spritzed) were drying I put them under a pile of catalogs to ensure they would lie flat.

Hooray, It's your Day Simply Created KitI have left the numbers off of the middle card, top row, so that the person who uses the card can add the appropriate number/s.

This kit is no longer available but……….the moral to my story………..if you have some kits laying around, go for it!  Assemble them.  And then send the cards out to worthy friends.  You’ll make their day.

And if you do have this Hooray It’s Your Day Kit, here’s a tip.

Hooray, It's your Day Simply Created Kit
Put a bit of Snail Adhesive behind the ‘sun’/circle to hold it securely. Then spritz the color.  Be sure to save the template for use at another time.

Hooray, It's your Day Simply Created KitAnother fun way to put together a kit is to gather a small group of friends and put your kit/s together together.  (It’s not often you can use the word ‘together’ twice in one sentence!)

Enjoy your day and I hope you get to stamp or create at least a little bit.

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