Slim Line Card Envelope Template

Hummingbird Slim Line Card with DSP envelope


I based my envelope today on yesterday’s finished card which measured 6-1/2″ x 3″.  I am using an 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of computer paper, preferably a heavier, sturdier weight than ‘cheap’ copy paper.  It does NOT have to be as heavy as Basic White cardstock.  The weight of a sheet of Designer Series Paper (DSP) would be perfect.  In fact, perhaps use DSP and then write your address and return address on white paper and attach them to the appropriate places on the envelope.


Step 1 Slim Line Envelope
This is the image of the size of the finished 6-1/2″ x 3″ card.


Step 2 Slim Line Envelope
Laying your card horizontally on the envelope paper, make a pencil line around the card.  Then make another line around the card image, 1/4″ larger all the way around.


Step 3 Slim Line Envelope
Make several marks 2-1/8″ from each long edge with a pencil. Using a ruler, draw a line from end to end, extending out 1″ on each end.  On each short end, make a 1″ mark, draw a line with a ruler so it crosses the long edge line.  The rectangular area that shows the STEP 3 printing zone is the 2-1/8″ deep envelope flap, one of each side of the card.


Step 4 Slim Line Envelope
Remove the four corner segments as shown in the sample. (Where it says REMOVE!)


Step 5 Slim Line Envelope
This image for STEP 5 is a duplicate!  I’m leaving it in to keep the numbers in sequential order.  🙂  Sorry for any confusion.  Really–just ignore it.


Step 6 Slim Line Envelope
This is how your envelope should look at this point, with the ends pieces removed.   You might want to ‘corner round’ the end piece’s raw corners for a snazzier appearance.


Step 7 Slim Line Envelope
Lay your card “inside” to ensure that it fits properly.  Fold long sections toward the middle and secure with adhesive of your choice. I would use either Stampin’ Seal, Stampin’ Seal + Multipurpose Liquid Glue (thinly applied), Tear & Tape adhesive or any strong adhesive of your choice.   Repeat with the 1″ end, leaving the 3/4″ wide open for sliding your card inside.


Step 8 Slim Line Envelope
After your card is inserted, just as for any envelope, seal the 3/4″ end so your card stays inside!


Several hours later………..I’m at home now where I just quickly and easily created an envelope for my hummingbird Slim Line Card using some retired Garden Lane Designer Series Paper.  I’m looking forward to making many more now!

Hummingbird Slim Line Card



Hummingbird Slim Line Card with DSP envelope


I hope you’ll be making some Slim Line cards and envelopes soon.  I know I’m ready to make more.  And now that I know how to create my own envelopes I’ll be coordinating the envelope to the card.  Have fun!

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