One of my most favorite and go-to tools is/are my PAPER SNIPS.

SU! Paper Snips, 103579, $9.95
Greatest little tool in my tool box!

Paper Snips are incredibly sharp and precise.  (So be careful!)

Two big TIPS:

  1. Really, they are sharp.  There’s even a little sticker on the cover stating “Precision tip is sharp!”
  2. When you put the case on, the hole on one side of the case goes over the BIG button on the scissors, not the small one.  The tendency is to want to put it over the small button and it just doesn’t fit right because it isn’t right.

Now I want to show you how to easily cut banners with precision.

Determine how ‘deep’ you want your ‘reverse point’ to be and make a cut at the center of the strip of card stock.

Real Red banner step one
Cut up the middle of the potential banner strip as deep as you want you points to be.

Next cut from the left corner to the end of the center cut:

Step 2:  cut from left corner
Step 2, cut from left corner to end of center cut.

Finally, cut from the right corner to the top of  the center cut.

Cut from the right corner
Step 3: Cut from the right corner to the end of the center cut.

And there you have one end of your banner.

Real Red finished end
Finished banner end

Cutting your banners this way makes it so much easier and pretty much eliminates different sized points.

Check out this card and the banner:

Hello there........

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