My Stamping Business Does Take a Village

Are you familiar with the saying “It takes a Village….”?  That saying applies in my stamping business as well as any other place where you need to count on others to help you succeed in a project or process.  When my husband and I were working with a whole bunch of other volunteers to morph a former hardware store into a fire station we were definitely part of a village that made it happen.

Here are a few of my village members.  I couldn’t run my stamping business without them!

  • My MacBook Pro laptop!:  I’ve used a Mac for y-e-a-r-s and couldn’t do what I do without it.  I use it to compose my blog posts, create spreadsheets, process photos, send emails and much much more.
  •  This is the software than runs my blog.  I couldn’t do what I’m doing right now without WordPress or my laptop.  WordPress is free but you do also need a host (below) and a url (below below) to make it all click together.
  • Host Gator:  The very necessary hosting platform for my blog–they make it possible for you to see what I work on so hard!   I pay a small monthly fee for this hosting service.  And they have great customer service if I run into a problem.
  • Go Daddy:  This is where I get my domain ( and my free email address:  I’ve been with GoDaddy for close to ten years and and have been satisfied with the service.  Small annual fee.
  • AWeber:  My newsletter host.  Once you get a template set up it’s an easy-peasy way to assemble my monthly Talk and Tips Newsletter.  All you have to do is add your name and email address under the Join the Craft Club icon in the sidebar and you too can received my monthly full-of-tips-and-creative-ideas newsletter.  AWeber also keeps my data base of those who have signed up to receive my newsletter.  Good customer support.  Small monthly fee.
  • PayPal:  The source I use to send and receive payment for tutorials, classes, goods or services.  Quick, safe and easy.
  • iCal:  The default calendar on my Mac.  What would I do without it?!  As soon as I know something is happening I place it on my calendar along with a reminder that appears at the time I designate.  I can print it out by day, week, month or year but usually I just refer to it here on my laptop.
  • Sudsol:  A group of business minded Stampin’ Up! only demonstrators that I’ve been a member of since its inception in the late 90s.  All business, no chit chat.  Sudsol has forms, articles, an image gallery, organized swaps and much much more.  It is definitely my virtual upline.
  • Stampology:   This year is all about making my business more effective and efficient. I’ve joined the new Stampology program and mastermind group to learn how to create a woman- and crafter-centered content strategy that engages my customers while keeping me sane.   $17/month fee.
  • Business Stampers Coach Group:  John Sanpietro’s (of StampingIsMyBusiness) coaching group for stampers.  He offers coaching (for a healthy fee) as well as webinars, a newsletter co-op, an annual Twelve Weeks of Christmas co-op, and more.  Monthly fee is $29.95 I think.  I joined way back when so my monthly fee is $19.95.
  • Photos:  Another Mac feature where I download my photos from my iPhone (of course) and traditional camera.  I can edit my photos right in the program and then export them to where I will ultimately use them:  blog, newsletter, FaceBook and more.
  • Big Shot:  I love my Big Shot and use it almost daily in my creative processes.  Framelits and thinlits make my cards and 3-D items so much more interesting.  And easy!
  • Stamp Sets, Ink Pads and Card Stock:  I wouldn’t have a stamping business without them!  Variety of images and awesome colors and a place to put them (the card stock).
  • FaceBook:  I have a FB business page as well as a private page for my downline:
  • Twitter:  I occasionally post notes about fun upcoming events or an awesome card I’ve just created.
  • My Customers:  What would I do without you?

It definitely takes a village.

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