I seem to search every year for a new and efficient way to store my Designer Series Papers.  I’ve tried placing them vertically in a magazine file type plastic box.  It was ok but the paper slumped.  And all of the different papers ran together although I put post-it type tabs on each package.

Last year I found the solution that works for me–at least for now.  I found a stash (do you have stashes??) of 12″ x 12″ clear Page Protectors.

I place each package, with the cello wrapping, inside the Page Protector.  Now the package is in a sturdier holder, it’s easy to grab, I can put my scraps in there, and—they stack flat very nicely.

DSP storage in sleeves
Each pack of Designer Series Paper has its own Page Protector sleeve

I can just turn my chair around and ‘thumb’ through the stack to find the one I’m looking for and pull it out, without disturbing any of the others.

DSP storage shelf
Here’s the DSP shelf, right at an extended arm/hand level.

My stampin’ studio is above our garage and has a pitched roof so storage is quite difficult and has to be very creative at times.  Most of my storage pieces are 3 feet tall or less due to the slanted ceiling.

DSP storage cabinet
This cabinet is just another of my ever-so-useful “found items”.


I’ll give you an overview of the studio in the next post.  It’s been pretty clean for the last two weeks so now is the time to take those photos!  Hard as I try, there’s no guarantee how long it’ll stay like this!

Thanks for checking out my blog again.  ‘Tis appreciated.  I work hard at it!  See you later today………..

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