Multi-Tasking = Goof Ups!

Sunday, the day of rest, I was trying to make up for lost time and catch up with stamping preps as well as some blogging.  Well……I was so excited with my “accomplishments” that I went overboard on scheduling one of my posts.  I’ll bet you thought I couldn’t count!  Monday was not 7 days from October 4th.  It was nine days away.

So please.  Do me a favor.   Click on this post and pretend you’re reading it for the first time–TODAY–on Wednesday, September 27th, seven days from October 4th.  (Sending it out on Monday, the 25th, was a bit of a mistake!)


12 weeks of Christmas newsletter banner
12 weeks of Christmas newsletter banner


These Simpich Dickens Christmas Caroler characters adorn my piano every Christmas season.  I purchased them, piece by piece, sometimes pair by pair, family by family, in a store in Colorado Springs, CO in the 1980s and I love them as much today as I did way back then.  I thought they’d be the perfect banner for this year’s Twelve Weeks of Christmas newsletter.  Each character has a story to tell.  Some of my extended family members taunt me by rearranging them during the season.  They know who they are!

Don’t miss getting on my mailing list this coming week.  I’ve got some fun projects coming up for the following twelve weeks—in addition to those I share on my almost daily blog posts.


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