I’ve Been Kidnapped!

For Christmas my husband ‘promised’ me a kidnapping trip!  Yes, I had asked for one as I’ve kidnapped him several times and they’ve been such fun, unencumbered get-aways.  So, Sunday was departure day for our mystery trip.  My daughter was the only one who knew where we were going because she made the reservation (hubby has a hearing problem, especially with squeeky voices) so he didn’t want to even tackle that.  The only hint I got as time drew nearer was…….we’re going towards the ocean.  Well, my imagination was way off—we went west to San Francsico instead of SW to the Santa Cruz area which really is right on the ocean.  He has taken me to the small hotel we stayed at last September for our 10th anniversary.  And we are here to birdwatch, specifically looking for the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.  We had watched a documentary on these birds last summer (Netflix) and though, wow, wouldn’t it be fun to see them.  When we came here in September we forgot to look for them while we were at Coit Tower—it was such a beautiful day that we just spaced out on the birds.


The parrots flying overhead.  Noisy!

Parrots taking a little break.

And now you know why I haven’t been posting as well as where I am for a few beautiful days.  What a wonderful break!


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