It’s the Beginning of My 21st Year With Stampin’ Up!

On April 16th I celebrated my 20th anniversary with Stampin’ Up!  I got to take that magic walk across the stage which you saw here and here.

Well, today I updated my banner to reflect that fact that I’m into my 21st year with Stampin’ Up! and yes, I’m feeling proud of that accomplishment.

I’ve seen many changes during my 20 years with Stampin’ Up! from stamp styles through accessories.  Would you believe that when I became a part of the Stampin’ Up! in 1996 most of the stamps we sold were not exclusively Stampin’ Up! stamps?  They were by Printworks, Stamp Francisco, Posh Impressions, Stamp Oasis, Hero Arts and more, including Stampin’ Up!.

Heats & Flowers, $9.25, Rubber Mounted, Printworks, 1996
Heats & Flowers, $9.25, Rubber Mounted, Printworks


Friendship Warms the Heart, Rubber or Wood Mounted, STAMPIN' UP!, 1996
Friendship Warms the Heart, Rubber or Wood Mounted, STAMPIN’ UP!


Lace Love, Personal Stamp Exchange, $12.75
Lace Love, Personal Stamp Exchange, $12.75


Hearts and Lips, Rubberstampede, 1996
Hearts and Lips, Rubberstampede


Dancing Lamb, $11.10, Azadi Earls, 1996
Dancing Lamb, $11.10, Azadi Earls


Harvest of Friendship, Wood - $24.95; Rubber Mount - $17.95; STAMPIN' UP!
Harvest of Friendship, Wood – $24.95; Rubber Mount – $17.95; STAMPIN’ UP!


Marvalee, $11.95, Dotty's Darlings
Marvalee, $11.95, Dotty’s Darlings


Cartoons: Rubberstampede
Cartoons: Rubberstampede


For Women Only, $19.95 (wood), $12.95 (Rubber mounted)
For Women Only, $19.95 (wood), $12.95 (Rubber mounted)


Those stamps that were rubber mounted were just that:  mounted on rubber!  Ugh.  I remember getting a darling Button Bear in my starter kit that was rubber mounted.  Eventually I purchased a wood mounted set as well.

It’s interesting to see that Stampin’ Up! is still creating (updated) hearth and home type stamps as well as sassy women!

It’s also nice to see just how far we’ve come since 1996.  I’ll search through my catalogs to see when Stampin’ Up! dared to go to exclusively Stampin’ Up! designed stamps.  But that’s for another day.

1 thought on “It’s the Beginning of My 21st Year With Stampin’ Up!”

  1. Cecilia Danlin

    My mother (85 years young) is looking for the stamp shown in the article captioned “Dancing Lamb, $11.10, Azadi Earls”. Do you know where I could find one for her? The item number shown in your photo (2140-E) doesn’t come up in any of my searches. I’d love to surprise her by getting this for her.

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