I Stamped This…..New Personalization Stamp Set

I Stamped This Image


This newly released I Stamped This stamp set is an easy, fun, cute way to put your name on the back of a hand stamped card or goodie you’ve just created.  Be sure your recipient knows it’s make by you rather than some conglomerate company!  Let everyone know that your projects are made by hand, with love. This set includes © Stampin’ Up! on each image, so you can use them on items you create for sale.

I Stamped This stamp set, 137049
Use these fun stamped to identify your hand stamped or hand baked or just hand made treasures and goodies.  It’s available in either wood or clear mount.


Be sure to hand write your name and the date (or just the year) next to that stamped image.  You know that almost no one throws those carefully made hand stamped cards away!



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