I managed to get to Houston yesterday from San Francisco, flying standby.  Once the plane was airborne I could breath that sigh of relief.  My roommate, Sue Ann from AZ, and I arrived at our hotel about the same time.  About 3 blocks from our hotel (Hilton-Americas) was a great Tex-Mex restaurant, Guadalahara, where we happily filled our tummies with food and drink last night.


L > R: Kelly, my third level downline/from San Jose CA, Sue Ann, roommate from AZ, moi from CA, Colleen from Iowa–just met her last night in the hallway of the hotel, she’s here alone and we just adopted her into our silly group; and finally Elaine, my second level downline, also from San Jose.  Because I live 150 miles from my San Jose downline group, enjoying time with them at Leadership is a treat!

This morning, Thursday, the Leadership ball got rolling at 8 a.m. when registration opened and we received our Leadership bags (woohoo–photo tomorrow) and information for the next few days.

Because my ‘goodies’ from today are in my room and I’m in the lobby using the interent, I’ll tell you though about the people I’ve run in to today—-the stampers and the Stampin’ Up! employees!  What a wonderful lot.  I have reunited with stampers from across the country and Canada.  I attended 6 classes today, presented by selected demonstrators.  They were awesome, informative, heartful and inciteful.  Tomorrow there are more classes on the agenda as well as Make & Takes, and a general session where we learn information about the company’s plans for the future as well as see new products and stamping techniques. 

Here are a few of my friends who I ‘ran into’ today:

Jill, BK
Jill Leigh, SU! employee and I met 8-9 years ago in Calgary AB, Canada at a Leadership conference.  I’d never been to Canada before and went because I can “fly for free” as a UAL employee spouse, I did! Jill and I have been buddies since that conference and I just love seeing her.  AND I wish I could spend more time with her.


Sara Rhodes was my Business Development Coach through Stampin’ Up! for 6 months about 2 years ago.  She is a treasure!  She told me that she took the “K” alphabet letter for registration today so she could see me when I came through registration to get my bag and materials.  Yes, I want to keep her too!

Dava, Karen, TX

Dava and Karen are deaf demonstrators from Texas.  My friend Kathy Chono-Herring and I met them 5-6 years ago at a Leadership conference ‘somewhere’.  (Can’t remember where!)  I see them at SU!’s annual convention and at Leadership every year and it’s another wonderful reunion.

Sue Ann, Kathy, BK

Sue Ann (left) and Kathy are from Arizona.  Sue Ann and I met on Sudsol, an email business-only list for SU! demonstrators.  We met because she is a Mac guru and I didn’t used to be and she walked me through lots of my Mac problems.  We’ve been Leadership roommates for 8-9 years now.  We still play with our Apple products and talk ‘mac stuff’.  Kathy is her friend from AZ and we met 5-6-7 years ago.

And these ladies are just a few of the reasons that I love coming to Leadership.  We talk business and families.

I am delighted to be enough of an achiever within Stampin’ Up! to be qualified to attend the annual Leadership Conference.  Thank you Customers, coaches, friends, and Stampin’ Up!  You too can attend Leadership if you are a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and achieve certain, very attainable requirements.  If you’ve ever thought about becoming a demonstrator, give me a call or send me an email and let’s talk.  This is a wonderful company and I’m so glad I’m a part of it.  I’d love for you to be too, as a part of my team!

See you tomorrow. 


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