Most of my focus right now and for the next several days is going to be convention related:  my swap items, my 'wardrobe' and packing, and just the logistics of getting there.  Today I have a "new" rag pouch to share with you. 

Blythe's Rag Purse

I'm heading up the Sudsol card front swap on Friday at lunchtime and there have been lots of time, energy and logistics spent in the direction of the swap.  One of the 'requirements' is that participants of a group who are swapping 'only' 40 cards give me a + one card.  I won't be participating the that swap but, as the organizer, I need one of each of their cards so I can post them to the Sudsol website for non-convention going or non-swapping members to view. 

I wanted to have a recepticle for these 40 cards but didn't want it to be a clumsy box that I'd have to tote around.  Lightbulb:  Soft fabric.  Hanging from my shoulder or even from my back like a backpack.

I preordered the new Flirtatious Designer Fabric (122335) and looked at it for a week.  Then came the next lightbulb moment and I started and finished this project in just 2.5 hours.

Fold the fabric neatly in half and then in half again, creating 4 layers.  

Flirtatious Designer Fabric 122335

 Fold that in half again creating 8 layers.

Flirttious Fabric Folded over

 Set the layers carefully onto the Scallop Square Bigz L Die.

Flirtatious-ready to cut with Big Shot & Scallop Square Die

Set the die, with the clear Standard Cutting Pads on the top and the bottom of the die.  Run it through the Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine.  Neat cutting isn't it!!!!?  Eight layers!

Flirtatious-8 layers cut w:Big Shot & Scallop Square Die

Repeat the process with the other two patterns.  Cut as many scalloped squares as you'll need for your project.  I used almost the entire pack of fabric with enough scraps left for the straps and flowers.  I used that $9.95 extra-wide fat quarter bundle of fabric to the very end!

Flirtatious-pile of cut pieces

Cut squares of thin batting to fit just inside the scalloped square. Stitch an 'x' across each bundle.  To save time and make it easy, I made a "sandwich" of fabric, batting that was centered, and fabric.  Then I ran it through my sewing machine creating that 'x'.

Flirtatious-adding batting

Click on the photo below and you'll be able to better see the stitched 'x's.  The pieces are also laid out in the pattern of the bag I want to create.  Left to right they are in 'groups' of 

  • 2 squares for one 'side'
  • 4 squares for the 'front'
  • 4 squares for the 'back'
  • 2 squares for the other 'side'
  • 2 square for the 'bottom'.  Those squares are laying beneath the eight front and back squares.

From this point, carefully stitch the pieces together by positioning the squares back to back.  Just work slowly, look at the finished shape in your mind, and continue sewing the squares together.

When done stitching the bag, but BEFORE you stitch across the raw edges of the top, prepare straps, insert them between the layers of the outside and inside of the bag and stitch around the entire top of the bag.

STRAPS:  I pieced long bits of fabric, about 1-1/4" wide, together making 4 long strips, each about 30" long.  Rather than place right side to right side to stitch and then turn inside out (nearly impossible and certainly not fun), just place wrong sides next to each other and stitch along the left and right long edges.  I used a short zig zag stitch.  Then trim the edges with pinking shears—this step will reduce fraying.

Flirtatious-laid out in purse 'pattern'

When my purse was all put together, I decided to make some flowers with the scraps.  After cutting the flowers I just stacked a little pile of different flower shapes and colors, topped them with a button and then carefully (for my fingers) stitched through the button holes to secure all the layers together.  To attach to the purse, I stitched (multiple stitches to keep it secure) under the button, through the layers of the purse.  You hardly see the stitching on the inside.

Blythe's Rag Purse w-large flower

Remember–this is a R-A-G purse so nothing has to be perfect!  One series of final steps:  snip EACH little scallop on all sides of the purse.  Be sure to snip less than 1/4 inch so you don't cut through your stitching!  Then toss the finished bag into the washing machine to pull off loose threads and make it look 'raggy'.  I never brought out an iron to smooth folds etc.  It's a RAG purse!  Not necessary! 

Blythe's Rag purse with small flower


  • Big Shot Die Cut Machine (113934)
  • Scallop Square Bigz Clear Die (115950)
  • Fun Flowers Bigz L Die (121812)
  • Subtles Designer Buttons (119745)
  • Paper Snips (103579) or (better yet) Craft Scissors (108360)
  • Thin batting
  • Sewing machine

If you're looking for me at Convention, I'll be the one with the Flirtatious Rag Purse hanging from my shoulder.  Until the Sudsol Swap on Friday, I'll be toting either a few swap cards or Sudsol Ribbons and buttons for members.  If you are a Sudsol member, be sure to stop me so I can give you a ribbon to wear on your name tag thing-y.

Need fabric?  Check out page 196 of the new 2011-2012 Idea Book & Catalog and then give me a call, send me an email or click on my shopping cart in the upper right corner.  It is rather addictive after you make ONE.  🙂


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