Fitting Wood Blocks Back into their Box

Fitting wood blocks back into a crowded box is sometimes near to impossible.  Do you ever have that problem.?  Some sets fit easily whereas others have to be positioned  just right.

The other day I opened my new-to-me Half Full 10 piece stamp set.  Before I moved a wood block I took a photo of the layout with the index sitting in the lid of the box.  Then I printed the photo.  (I just learned that I could print a photo from my iPhone and now I’m dangerous!)

fitting wood block in storage box
Half Full Stamp Set, 144996, $30


I attached the indexes and the red rubber to each stamp, taking out only one wood block at a time and replacing it right where I took it from.  Then I attached the photo to the lid of the storage box using Fast Fuse, my favorite go-to adhesive.

Half Full w/labels & photo
Half Full w/labels and photo


Now, when all my stamps are in use, out of their storage box, I’ll have no problem fitting the wood blocks into the box,  just where they belong.




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