Catch a Snowflake Product Suite

I had a group of women at my home this weekend, making their Christmas cards, and this is one of the sets of Thinlits that was requested.  Check out all these die cut snowflakes!   They’re from a limited time only set of products called Catch a Snowflake Product Suite.  The largest shape is about 3-3/4″.

stamp a snowflake product suite
Duplicates of a few of the thinlits are for ease in die-cutting multiples of those images.


Watch this video from the home office:

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Your imagination is the limit for creating fun projects and, a little bonus, the Snowflake Showcase isn’t just for winter, but is perfect for all year round.

Catch a Snowflake


For once, I took a photo of the thinlits as they come in the package.  I know that sometimes it’s hard to find a place for them all once they’ve been removed and used so hopefully I’m ahead of that “fit the puzzle pieces” game this time.

Catch a Snowflake


Would you believe that we made nothing using the Catch a Snowflake Product Suite over the weekend.  But the gals did create a total of 280 Christmas cards plus the ONE that I made, using a very old stamp set that included a jeep like vehicle, as a thank you note for the shop that repaired my Jeep.  After 7 weeks.  I just realized that I failed to take a photo!  It was a very busy weekend!



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