Are YOU the “not creative one”?

Do you know the real reason I stamp?  Because…….the AWESOME thing about Stampin’ Up! is that you (or I) don’t have to be able to draw or always feel creative in order to create gorgeous easy cards. The art is done for us on the stamp and all we have to do is pick the colors and the accessories and we’re instant artists!”

Do you think you don’t have enough time to stamp?   Well……….when I started stamping my own cards I couldn’t believe how much time I saved from having to go out and buy cards.  First the drive for me is either 4 miles (Twain Harte) or 15 miles (Sonora).  Then it’s the time spent finding just the right card and words.  Just think, the two and a half hours you spend hanging out with your girlfriends (and perhaps a few guy friends) and learning how easy it is to hand stamp your own cards will pay you back with more than just a finished card or eight.  You’ll have had some giggles with your friends and you’ll feel soooooo de-stressed!  That’s another reason why I stamp.

You can come to my house and leave your stress at home.  OR, I can come to your house and bring all the necessary supplies with me.  Invite a few friends to join us, put out some grease free, easy to eat M&Ms or pretzels, offer some tea, water or perhaps an adult beverage and just have some fun!

Put this event on your calendar if you’re in the Mi Wuk Village area or if you’d like me to bring it to your home:  Blythe’s Buffet. The first Buffet will be the last Tuesday in June >> June 28th.  10-1.30 or 2-4.30.  Details will be posted in June’s newsletter.  (Are you signed up for my mailing list???  Just fill in the box in the upper right sidebar and follow the bouncing ball.)  In a few words, I’ll post a bunch of cards and you will pick 8 that you would like to make.  $24 fee includes cards and envelopes and me and my supplies/tools.

Blythe's Buffet plate of cards
I’ll be showing an array of cards (not necessarily any of these–they’re just an idea of the variety), you pick a total of 8 and we’ll have a fun few hours of stamping.


I’m really looking forward to this fun monthly adventure and look forward to helping you solve your prepared-and-ready-to-go-card-dilemma.  You could even make a bundle as a gift for a friend.  No rules here!  Put June 28th on your calendar now!

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